There is a lot going on and we are looking for some help with our upcoming 7 City Tour: Save a Generation

Here are some things we need help with.  If you’re able to assist, please submit our Volunteer Sign Up or email

April 21st – 30th:

  • 21st – Destin – Panama City- Looking for Venues – Help is needed
  • 22nd – Tallahassee – Venue confirmed
  • 23rd  – Jacksonville: Help is needed and Venue
  • 24th – Orlando – Good
  • 28th – Tampa – Good
  • 29th – Naples – Good
  • 30th South Florida – Preferable Fort Lauderdale area – Help is needed and venue


North Tour –  Destin to Orlando

Confirmed speakers:

  • Dr. Peter McCullough
  • Dr. Ryan Cole
  • Dr. Bryan Ardis
  • Dr. Carre Made
  • Dr. Judy Mikovits
  • Dr. David Martin
  • Chris Wark

South Tour – Tampa to Fort Lauderdale

  • Dr David Martin
  • Dr. Judy Mikovits
  • Dr. Carrie Madej
  • Dr, Christiane Northrup
  • Kevin Jenkins
  • Stew Peters

Pending confirmation (which dates/locations)

  • Mikki Willis
  • Dr. Robert Malone
  • Bobby Kennedy

Recent News

So the Truckers and the Canadians are finally standing up to the tyranny and thankfully some news outlets are covering it.  This should encourage many to continue to say NO and “DO NOT COMPLY”.

Healthcare Alternatives


Medical Toolbox : Having these items on hand can help you fight any cold or flu virus.  Increase dosages to 3 times per day when you feel you are getting sick. Additionally, be more intentional about eating a cleaner diet and moving every day. You can order these online or purchase from a local health food store.  Download the protocol here.

  1. Nebulizer with mask(only time to wear one)
  2. 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide
  3. iodine
  4. Quercetin -(natural alternative to Hydroxychloroquine)
  5. Vit C(not ascorbic acid) Liposomal is preferred
  6. Zinc
  7. Vit D3 with K2
  8. NAC
  9. Astaxanthin
  10. Melatonin(during sickness up to 20-25mg)
  11. Zinc Lozenges
  12. Neti Pot to do Nasal and Sinus flushes
  13. Silver –  Colloidal or Nano
  14. IV Glutathione , vit C or Myers Cocktail is always a great idea.
  15. Rhinocort Nasal Spray with Budesonide

Slowly add these to your medical war chest so you are not caught off guard. When you feel yourself coming down with something, go plant based and eat clean. Avoid eating processed foods.  

Hope to see you all at our Pinellas County MAFA Weekly Meet Up event this week!


Yvette Gaugh

MAFA State Leader



Join us this week in Pinellas County for our MAFA Weekly Meet up.  For the latest on this event and all our events, please visit our Events page.  

If you’re hosting an event, email the details to and we’ll consider adding it to the Events section of the website.


Read & Watch This Week

Pam has just released a section on her website of all vetted videos and documents you can share and feel confident in doing so. There is a membership fee, however, this info is very much worth it. We need to share with confidence and continue to get the truth out there. Visit the website here:

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