Introducing the New MAFA Florida Blog

Welcome to the first official blog post on our new Florida Chapter Website!  Each week, I’ll provide a weekly update on this blog including new resources and the latest information.  

I hope you all had a great Christmas with family and friends, without too much conflict.  But if I know you guys, speaking up when you need to was a little easier. 

If you turn on the TV (which I do so I know what narrative to be prepared to discuss), you’ll know that flights are being cancelled and Omicron is going to get us all. 

The messaging is strong coming out of The White House: Get vaccinated!! 

The good news is we are seeing more physicians coming out on mainstream TV sharing that Omicron spreads, but the infection is a “cold”. So now, everyone is afraid of getting a sniffle. 

As for vaccine passports, well it’s no longer a “conspiracy theory”. If you would like to participate in society in New York, Boston, New Orleans and numerous cities in California and Hawaii you will have to “show your papers”.  Sadly, Hawaii was on my list, but I’m not going there anytime soon. 

I’m praying this could be the end of it, but we all know better.  Which is why it is more important now to be armed with information and stay connected.  

MAFA is a nation-wide organization, and the Florida chapter has a strong presence in West Central Florida.  Now that we’ve updated the format of our communications and have extended the reach of our weekly emails to include all MAFA Florida subscribers, we need your support to grow across the entire state of Florida.  None of this will end until we unite as a collective and start standing up for our rights as free citizens. 

In Pinellas county, we will continue to meet at Quinn Headquarters (see details in the Events section of the website). Christine Quinn has been gracious enough to offer her place to accommodate our group, as we have outgrown Conservative Grounds. Please let Christine know how thankful we are that she has opened up her place for us to meet weekly.

Please continue to support Conservative Grounds and if anyone would like to start a group on a different night at Conservative Grounds please let me know and I will help you get that started. 

If you’d like to start group meetings in your region, but aren’t sure how to get started, contact us for help at 

Browse our website and find opportunities to get involved on our Take Action page.  You’ll find referrals for legal and medical providers and other resources that will help you educate others and stand up for health freedom on our Resources page. And follow us on Instagram @mafafl 

Happy New Year!


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For all upcoming events, please visit our Events pageIf you’re hosting an event, email the details to and we’ll consider adding it to the Events section of the website.

Save the Date:  April 28th, we are going on speaking tour!  The Tampa stop is the 28th. I don’t have any other details at this time, but will share the other cities with you next week.