We’re hitting the ground running in 2022!  Lots to share and as always lots to do.

First of all, we are definitely meeting this week! I miss you guys!  Check out our Events page for details on our MAFA Florida Weekly Meet Up.  If you’re near Pinellas County, please join us or contact me for help starting MAFA meetings in your area.

Take Action

Here are a few opportunities to get involved and help make our network strong:

  • MAFA Meet Up Refreshments – We usually like to have coffee, tea and snacks available at our weekly MAFA Meet Up in Pinellas County.  If you would like to volunteer to help organize and manage our refreshments, please reach out to me directly at info@mafa-fl.com or 727-415-3170.

  • Push Back on Businesses Instituting Mandates – We need to start pushing back on the businesses that are requiring their employees to mask up and/or get the jab – such as Publix. The first step is to organize a list of these businesses.  If you know of any businesses who should be added to this list please submit their details here.

  • Businesses and Professionals to Support – We want to support businesses and professionals who believe in the Constitution and bodily autonomy.  If you know of a business or professional that belongs on our list of businesses to support, please submit their details here.

Thank you to everyone for your support!

Recent News

As usual, I can’t believe that people actually are still buying the official narrative and waiting on pins and needles to hear the latest. They actually believe the CDC (aka Criminal Distribution Center) is looking out for them! The propaganda, the flip-flopping and the lies are absolutely unacceptable. 

In recent news, as you’ve probably heard (but if you didn’t here’s a good article about it) the Supreme Court heard arguments regarding the Biden administration mandates and false claims were made left and right.  The good news is, the CDC director did not capitulate the lie that came out of the Supreme Court. We should demand more from those who sit at the highest court in the land. It was 100% an exaggeration on children’s deaths and hospitalization. 

At Home Testing

Although some were hopeful when the CDC announced that the PCR test would no longer be used after December 31, 2021, the new tests are no better and potentially worse. Here is a video describing some of the problems with these tests: What You Should Know About At Home Tests

There are serious issues and risks associated with taking at-home tests. 

If you report your meaningless results, your status might be used by the government to regulate your activity or confine you; or perhaps even to force vaccinate you or make your return to regular life contingent on a booster shot.

Your meaningless test results may also be used by your local health department to determine the rules and restrictions in your area. 

A negative test is meaningless, and you may be mandated to repeat the test or subject yourself to other tests in a medical setting. The intent seems to be to record as many “cases” as possible. 

A positive test also is meaningless since the test cannot distinguish between SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV. 

The bottom line is: DO NOT TAKE THE TEST!!!

Healthcare Alternatives

Please do everything you can to prevent being admitted to the hospital.  There are many home health agencies out there and doctors who are prescribing early treatment drugs via telemedicine.  Our fellow patriots who meet with us at our weekly MAFA Florida Meet Up in Pinellas county often know of doctors in the area who can help.  Many of these doctors have been joining our groups.  We have listed some of these doctors on our Resources page under Referrals.  We will continue our efforts to grow and expand our network.

Life in the U.S. is challenging for many people and is probably going to get a lot worse before things turn around. MAFA groups have been and will continue to be the best way to survive and even thrive during these difficult times. In areas in which our group system is strong, people meet new friends, they find new churches, they get new jobs, they find new doctors, they find help with homeschooling, and have been able to live more normally while the outside world has gone mad.

As our rulers become more desperate and their plans fall apart, they are going to make things even more difficult for us. They have already mandated that vaccinations are required in order to access healthcare through the VA. Medicare will be next. How are are we going to get care under these circumstances? Through doctors who belong to MAFA, of course.

Our groups are the key to not only taking our freedoms back, but also to supporting one another and rebuilding our communities.  

Hope to see you all at our events this week!


Yvette Gaugh

MAFA State Leader



For the latest on all our events, please visit our Events page.  

If you’re hosting an event, email the details to info@mafa-fl.com and we’ll consider adding it to the Events section of the website.


Read & Watch This Week


How to Win the War Against Tyranny – Pam Popper interview with Dr. Joe Mercola 

MAFA received over $21,000 in donations after her interview and had over 1000 people write to headquarters to participate in a conference call and learn how to start a group. 

Stew Peters – Deadly Vax Lot Numbers Identified with Dr. Jane Ruby

Both Stew and Jane are joining our 7 city tour in April!

Dr. Zelenko – Big Pharma Hid the Cures from We the People 

Huge Number of Vax Deaths & It’s Getting Worse – Dr. Pierre Kory